Its Amazing who and what LOVE can use to move Not just mountains but entire mountain ranges.


The least likely and most untrained are most often chosen for the improbable and impossible because they have to rely on The GOD Who is LOVE and Power beyond human conception.



“Looking this way and that and seeing no one, he killed the Egyptian and hid him in the sand.” … Exodus 2:12



That was Moses, the one who freed the children of Israel from slavery committing premeditated murder and hiding the body.


One reason it is So Very important for each of us to see Gods Amazing Grace in its fullness (Which means beyond human comprehension) is that the devils strongest desire is to keep you condemned, shame based and feeling useless to God.


The scourge of the Prosperity gospel and the destitution of Spirit that the half Grace gospel has presented has left the whole world in a state of decline. The simple reason is that The Real Gospel is all about:



1) Christ being the End of the law … Which produces A Thankful Heart.



2) A New life built on Faith in what GOD Already Finished … Which produces Peace and Rest.



3) A Focus based on Compassion and Acceptance … Which produces LOVE for All and judgement of none.


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Let The Journey Begin!