The missing Messiah – 2

As this motley crew of mostly societal outcast began to assemble there was a great sense of welcome and acceptance among all who walked into the gathering. “All are welcome at the banquet table Christ” was always the understanding as so many of those and in all of those at the gathering had been victims to the “3 D gods” prior to finding Christ.

The “3 D gods” are those sene most easily in religious circles as they are; Demanding, Discouraging and Disinterested. The “3 D gods” are Demanding change for acceptance, Discouraging any real love or compassion for those outside our comfort zone of social and religious acceptance and Disinterested in any variation from the norm.

But the warm smiles and the hugs and the passion for just being with all those in this beautiful group of societal and religious rabble was like a beacon of a brilliant Light of Love and had a sense of being beside a quiet, still stream on a PeaceFull sunny day, truly in this meeting All the rejects felt welcome.

As the group continued to grow in size one very old, dirty beggar in torn clothes and with matted hair got up and said, “I managed to smuggle a letter out of the prison from brother Onlyphysicalchainsnow would anyone like to hear it?” A loud cheer was heard as everyone remembered how this brother had been in bondage before Christ set him Free indeed.

“My dearest family, brothers and sisters of Almighty God blessings and Peace to you and yours this day and always. I am deeply blessed to day as many who like me are in physical chains are hearing of The One who came to “set the captive Free” for the first time. Yes, I still smile when they ask for the key since the captives will be set Free and my guess is many of you are smiling now. I thought that same way every time I heard this prophecy as a young lad. How Blessed I am to have a Truer, more complete Freedom than any physical chain loosening could ever create. How Amazed I still find myself to know that meeting Christ was the end of the law for me, that the rejection from the demanding god that we were constantly performing for, no longer binds me with religious chains of incompleteness as Christ IS my completeness. My Reconciled state with The God Who Is Love and proved that on the cross, can Never be changed based on what man does for if that is the case, the cross means nothing! All Praise and Honor and Glory go to The God Who deserves it as He first Loved me with Love I cannot imagine nor could ever conceive possible! My chains were broken when the crazy Carpenter touched me and with that touch all the chains that mattered evaporated into thin air that still has the sweet scent of lilies.”

Blessings to you from Onlyphysicalchainsnow.”

And with this the crowd took a sigh and began to pray Thanking God for His Goodness!