Another mini-god with very destructive power however not as much it would seem as the mini-god of more is the “god of what-if!”

This mini-god seeks to put you in the future or in the past – any place but the Here and Now as that is where The True God resides! The god of what if is brutal in stealing life away from you with thoughts like, “what if something happens” – future, or “what if you would have done something different” – past! 

Jesus said, “look at the birds of the air, they have no worries” and “see the lilies of the field” – the emphasis with Jesus on a Real Relationship was never about past or future – He came to give rest to the weary and sight to the blind! If you are caught up in the legalistic performance of religion – you are weary! And if you are stuck listening to the mini-god of what if you are blind to what God has Freely given to you Here and Now by what Jesus has already completed!

Don’t lose what God gave you Here and Now for a mini-god that is nothing more than the defeated foe satan! TRUST in Christ Alone! For more on This Life of Freedom and Grace feel free to go to the site below and and explore!