A story is told about the first time two famous ministers met. This was a long time ago so there was no photograph and the minster that was from the USA decided to travel and meet the minister that was in England. When the American minister rang the doorbell after his long trip he was excited and eagerly expected his brother. When the door opened there was the famous British minister smoking a long cigar and the American minister fell back in amazement and said, “but its a sin to smoke in America” to which the British minster said, “that’s funny its a sin to be a glutton and as fat as you are here!”


What is your spiritual blanket?


He said to them, “You are the ones who justify yourselves in the eyes of others, but God knows your hearts. What people value highly is detestable in God’s sight.” – Luke 16:15


In the comic strip “Peanuts” by Charles Schultz one of my favorite characters was Linus. He had a constant companion in his blanket; it was his security and the only thing that made him feel safe.


Today sadly for many Christians they have their security blanket wrapped around them in the form of the rules or laws they follow, the way they look to others or in how much they “do” in their local church.


God wants to be your One and Only security blanket for a very good reason- He is the Only security there is! If anything else could be your security then God sent Jesus to earth for no reason which leaves us with the prospect that God is a sadistic puppet master!


Jesus being your One and Only security starts by believing in Him- but that is just the start of a journey that will take you on a journey that will last a lifetime.


How do you know that your security is in Him and not a blanket like law? Here are some questions to consider. As you go through the next week just let these questions roll around in your mind:


1)    Is there anything I could do that would cause God to Love me less?


2)   How many friends would I lose if they knew my darkest secret?


3)   Do I feel closer to God after some action or activity like church?


I hope you will take a moment to write down your response not just now but also at the end of the week and ask yourself honestly “What is my spiritual blanket?”


To discover the Grace blanket of having full trust in Him, a good starting point is the 7 questions at:



Don’t worry-BeGraceFull.com!!


Nothing can separate you from the Love of God!

Nothing can separate you from the Love of God!