The least likely Gift – 5

Most will never understand the true purpose of The Gift but the ones who foresaw it give us great clues as to why The Gift is THE GIFT.

What if The Gift, which almost everyone in the time of Jesus missed, was still being missed?

What if the challenges and the difficulties the world faces are due to misunderstanding The Gift and by understanding The Gift differently we could make the world a better place?

Joseph and Mary even though visited by angels, still didn’t understand The Gift completely but then I don’t think any of us do – that’s the journey of Grace which broadens our ability to accept others, love others and Rest in Perfect Love beyond human comprehension. But as any good Jewish parents would they took baby Jesus to the temple for “purification” – and yet another twist in the story of The least likely Gift occurs.

At the temple, as if Joseph and Mary didn’t already have enough to worry about – we get confirmation from yet another source that Jesus is not just another good Jewish boy. In fact one person who understood His mission perhaps better than anyone came into the story, Simeon.

Simeon was the first one to talk specifically about the “opposed” as well as the purpose at the heart of the mission of The Gift.

“And Simeon blessed them and said to Mary his mother, “Behold, this child is appointed for the fall and rising of many in Israel, and for a sign that is opposed” Luke 2:34

We were made to fall (that’s the purpose of the law) so that we could be raised up by Perfect Love but most are opposed to this because it creates need and equality.

The above statement is the basis, I believe, of the “Good News” and the center point for Grace, therefore we will dig deeper into this idea in future episodes of “The least likely Gift” so I do hope you will follow along at

If you would like to jump ahead on this journey of understanding our fall and the “lifted up” state that “All” are in because of Perfect Love please check out the link below and if you want go on the journey of the fallen:

The failure

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