The least likely Gift – 4

The spiritual journey is not about answers but more about Resting in One Answer – Love.

One of the greatest challenges for the spiritual path mans demand for answers over the Spirits invitation to Rest in the glory of the questions.

Everyone in the Christmas story was at first full of fear with the exception of the 3 wisemen. That needs to tell us something right there – what might that say about the GraceFull Journey?

  1. Wisemen Rest in The Light leading to Love despite the distractions of man.

  2. The ideology of the religious is cultural but the journey of Hope and Healing is a spiritual trek of Resting in often unseen Perfect Love.

  3. Our ideas about The Divine grow healthy only as we see The Divine as Perfect Love beyond human comprehension.

  4. The spiritual journey calls for a reflection on Perfect Loves Abilities which creates Abundant Life possibilities.

  5. Growing out of fear and into Faith often looks impossible so that we can see the Power of Perfect Love.

  6. Think on, believe in and follow Perfect Love.

“But Mary treasured up all these things, pondering them in her heart.” Luke 2:19

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