The least likely Gift – 2

The spiritual world is in most ways completely opposite of the world and religion. Once a being understands that it’s not only liberating but also rather exhilarating to see the movement of The Spirit.

The humanly impossible is often the choice path of The Divine so that any one of or all of the following can happen:

  1. We can be humbled and therefore better able to love others.

  2. Divine Perfect Love can be seen as the very essence of The Divine.

  3. We can grow in true Gratitude toward The Divine.

  4. We can grow greater Rest in (Faith in) Divine Perfect Love.

  5. We can see the All Powerful Divine Force of Perfect Love truly being in Complete Control.

With this in mind welcome to The Divine Maternity Ward – up first is the Geriatric Section.

The reason The Divine often waits till all human hope is gone is so we can grow to see the spiritual which is beyond human sight – so Faith up my fellow journeymen and women cause it’s going to be an Amazing ride.

“But they were childless because Elizabeth was not able to conceive, and they were both very old.” Luke 1:7

Stay with this series – we are just getting started with Miracles beyond belief.

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