The least likely Gift

Born an illegal and illegitimate alien the true Christmas story is the story of Perfect Loves use of the least likely to create the humanly impossible so that The Divine Essence could be reveled to All through One “Indescribable Gift.”

The Least likely Gift will dig into this idea and open us All up to A Bigger Love from A Bigger Divine Being than Ever thought possible – I hope you will follow this series which will be posted on and on our Facebook page by the same name.

It’s human nature to see things a certain way, it’s Divine Nature to expand our ability to love by opening our soul to see things very differently.

And thus we have The Christmas Story of how a people afraid of The Divine, expected an mighty earthly warrior savior and instead received a Simple Bastard Fugitive Peasant Who came to show us the Very Essence of The Divine and teach us some Amazingly Soulful Lessons.

This special season’s series for Christmas 2020 is all about expectations, disappointments, purpose, plan and The Phenomenal Gift of Perfect Love that was delivered through it All and in spite of us.

I hope you will join us on this series.

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