What created healing?


Then he touched their eyes and said, “According to your faith let it be done to you”; and their sight was restored.” – Matthew 9:29


If you are resting in anything other than Him – your healing is incomplete!


One reason I write about Grace is simple- resting in Him Is resting in Grace Not my works!


Not my church, denomination, works of the law, who my earthly father was, money, power or anything else – Only Faith in Him!


What does that look like?


Simply put it looks like insanity with whip cream and a cherry on top! It looks like you are a complete fool and Jesus ask no less than being such a fool because anything else is an earthly crap bucket!


It is really easy to fall into a relationship of sorts with God where because you have followed this rule or that one you expect or think He will “do” something for you – His Love doesn’t work that way and I am very happy to pop your bubble on that!


Why am I so happy? Because His Love is sooooooo much better than trying to live His law which never made anyone righteous. His Love is sooooo much better than trying to work your way into His good side!


Jesus healed because His Great Love for us and our insane acceptance of that demonstrated by Grace through Faith. That means it was NOT demonstrated by works of the law!


We are healed by His stripes NOT by our effort And NOT by “doing” – rest in that!


Take a few moments to close your eyes and meditate on this. Then print it and carry this throughout the day:


Lord God whatever it takes open my eyes to You!”



Nothing but His blood - Nothing but His Love!

Nothing but His blood – Nothing but His Love!