The Great Christmas Scandal – 2


“For this is what the Lord says: “You were sold for nothing,and without money you will be redeemed.” – Isaiah 52:3


The scandal of Christ was again stated long before He lay in a feeding trough for animals. The practice of religion then and now is based on performance or payment in order to be “redeemed.” Jesus changed All that!


Most people miss this just like they miss the idea of why Jesus overturned the “money changers” at the temple. The job of the “money changers” was to sell you redemption by selling you tokens for the temple much like the job of religion is to “sell” you on the idea of going to a building, paying a tithe and doing certain things redeems you in His eyes – Nothing cheapens Gods Goodness like religious regimen.


When we release the idea that we have any goodness we see His Goodness as Fuller, more complete and Truer which creates the basis for All true Praise and Worship! The reason we were “sold for nothing” is because that is exactly what Eve and everyone else who follows the god of MORE gets – nothing. The reason we are “Redeemed” (past tense) without money is because Jesus finished the job on the cross!


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