The Great Christmas Scandal – 1

“Behold a virgin shall be with child …. Emmanuel!”

Jesus was, is and always will be scandalous and not a day goes by that I don’t Thank God that He is!

Emmanuel – God Is With us!

Born of a virgin, the symbol of purity, God could have chosen anyway He wanted to come and dwell among us but He chose long before Christ was born to have Him born scandalously!

Born of low position, a nobody, God could have chosen to come with loud trumpets as The King of Kings but He chose a commoner, a low position to show His Love is for Everyone!

Born while His earthly father struggled with the law, should Joseph have left Mary as she was no longer a virgin!


“GOD IS WITH US” – changed forever the relationship man could have with God, the law and each other BUT only if we are willing to Believe that Jesus changed Everything will we be able to make Him truly “WITH US!”

Care to see how to do that?


Let The Journey Begin!