The GOOD-ER I see Perfect Love and the Greater I see Perfect Love as God the Greater All GoodNess flows in my life.

I found that when I was religious and even now I often battle with GOOD for good syndrome – this is where while I say “God Is Good All the time” my inner demons tell me “God is only Good when you are good by certain standards.”

This is why Jesus came “Full of Grace and Truth” – He came with “GOOD News” – He came as the messenger – who Heralded a “New Thing” – but even Jesus said,


Why do you call me good? Jesus answered. No one is good—except God alone.” … Luke 18:19


Jesus knew that The GOODNESS of God was, is and always will be beyond our ability to imagine or fathom. But in that space of The GOODNESS that knows no bounds is “Peace that passes All understanding” in the understanding that The GOODNESS He Is is eternal there is “Rest beside quiet waters” and a “refreshing of the soul” and a “green pasture” to lay in and just watch the clouds go by.

Would you like to start the journey, or perhaps just expand your journey to this understanding of THE GOOD-EST GOD Who has Love for you beyond your wildest imagination – then click the words below:


Let The Journey Begin


God Bless you Greatly in your journey today and everyday and I hope and pray that you will pray for my journey as well.