The Good keeps getting Good-ER!


If you want to know The Goodness of God – Dive In! Dive In to Grace that is beyond human calculation! Dive In to Forgiveness that is beyond human capability! Dive In to Peace beyond human understanding! Dive In to Acceptance beyond human rational! Dive In to Love beyond human condition or ability to grasp! And as you Dive In ask yourself this question:


“If God is Not “Good-ER” than human understanding, if God is Not Greater than the world, if God and His Love for me is Not greater than my finite mind can imagine, then what am I following Him for, why did His Son come, did His death Really take care of All my needs and where is Abundant Life in the Here and Now?”


At the end day I am Not working for Heaven, I am Living, Loving, Resting and Being Here and Now in The Only Being I would want to spend eternity with!


Live, Love, Rest
and Be
Here and Now!