Being in the Presence of Perfect Love Is the Ultimate Healing!

1) Perfect Love Is Acceptance of who and what you are Here and Now!
2) Perfect Love Is Acceptance of others for who and what they are Here and Now!
3) Perfect Love Is Acceptance of this moment Here and Now!

The reason why Jesus encouraged others by saying His burden was light and His yoke was easy was that He was talking to religious people who had the idea that they had to “work hard” and “follow the rules” in order to “measure up.”

Jesus Is The Light of the world because He Is The Great Equalizer of men. The law makes us equally sick and He Alone makes us equally healed the moment we “believe in His name!” He didn’t call us to work hard to act right – He called us to BE the Light of the world – That Light Is His Perfect Love!

Perfect Love


Perfect Healing!