The God Journey – 11 – where? 2

The where of The God Journey and the Who God Is are one in the same – getting this makes for a Wondrous Experience called The Abundant Life!

“God Is Love”

The greater our awareness of this grows, the Greater The Abundant Life in manifest in our lives. Here’s how:

1) Our burden gets lighter – as we surrender to the Faith-Full fact that All righteousness has already been provided for us Free – Just Believe!
2) Our Peace increases – as we accept the Faith-Full reality that His Love for us is so Great and His Power is so Awesome that All things that enter our life work for our good!
3) Our Gratitude grows – as we grow in the Faith-Full understanding of His Eternal Nature Being Love, Compassion and Tenderness!
4) Our Love and Acceptance of others develops – as we develop a greater Faith-Full grasp of our inadequacies, His GraceFull sufficiency and the equal state we are all in!

Remember – this is a life long journey and in my journey I have found this spiritual truth to be particularly helpful on many days: 

My last lesson Here will Be in my last breath Here!

Last lesson

Last breath