The roughest moments, worst pain and most difficult days in my life were because I didn’t understand what is in this simple Bible devotional! Please read this, meditate on this and claim this as your own! My prayer is that this brings you to a greater understanding of just how Crazy in Love The God of All the Universe is for you, just as you are Here and Now!

Do not let your hearts be troubled. You believe in God; believe also in me.” John 14:1

There are so many little things that Jesus said that all too often get passed over but in this moment and in this short devotional I want to share how this short passage contains everything you need for Life without limits, Here and Now!

When I was younger I can remember well-meaning people saying singing songs like, “In the sweet bye and bye” or saying things like “the harder you work the sweeter your rest will be in Heaven” or the ultimate thing that makes my skin crawl, “God Loves good girls and boys!”

I am convinced that the majority of Christendom is working for His kingdom and the future without realizing it already started the second they accepted Him and that is the start of eternal rest IF you let it Be! How do you let it be?

Grasp these 3 simple Truths and you will be FREE once you accept Him!

1)    Your past, present and future is totally washed, clean and you are Forgiven!

2)   Your present and future is without law – Grace now rules!

3)   Your past, present and future is under the complete control of The God Who Loves you beyond anything you could ever imagine and you can Never be separated from that Love!

You believe in God – Believe also in Jesus! That Belief means the 3 Truths above Are your Life – Unlimited!

His Truth creates Peace!