Who are “The God Liars?”


As I sat on that hard unyielding church pew I remember thinking “I am making progress! I have been in church four times this week, paid more than 10% tithe and I went 15 minutes without thinking about sex!” Then I thought about sex and knew God was disappointed with me! But soon I made up for it as I had a tingle of emotionalism because of the music playing!


The LORD is my strength and my defense; he has become my salvation. He is my God, and I will praise him, my father’s God, and I will exalt him.” – Exodus 15:2


The above passage was the result of the children of Israel having just crossed the Red Sea and having seen the miracle of God’s deliverance! How long did these feelings toward God last even after the Red Sea parted, the children of Israel crossed on dry land and their enemies were destroyed? Not long!


Legalism will Never produce true Praise! In addition to satans work with legalism in people, he is a master at helping people forget!


One thing I always find interesting is how much easier it is for a country with nothing to find God than a nation with plenty. God quickly becomes a token weekend activity when hard work, prosperity and comfort exist!


The law, while a good tool to make me grasp my need for Jesus and His Overwhelming Love and Forgiveness, quickly becomes the tool of satan to create a veil of religious comfort instead of The Freedom of Grace and The Rest of Total Dependence on Christ Alone!


True Grace takes you on a Journey into an ever widening understanding of Christ, His Gift and your Freedom! True Praise comes from a Truly Thank-Full heart – and That heart Only comes from Grace!


It is much easier to lie to God, yourself and the world then to come clean about your own inadequacies Especially since satan and the law create the comfort zone of “do your best and let God bless the rest” mentality.


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The God liars!