The God Journey – 5 – Where? 2

Paul in his letters to the early churches continually encouraged The God Journey as he repeatedly encouraged the churches to grow or Journey in three areas:

1) Grace – the ever developing understanding that God Is Love, He Loves you as you are Not as you should be and that this knowledge is sufficient for All your needs!

2) Faith – the continually increasing rest that All that was needed to make you wHOLeY as He is Holy was done on the cross and because of His Great Love for you each and every moment is exactly as He designed it because He alone knows how to heal you with a constant challenge to learn to Love like He does!

3) Love – the ultimate and over reaching sign that God was and is Alive in a Being is they develop a greater sense of nonjudgmental and non-condemning Love for each other and the world at large! The reason the early church grew like it did wasn’t that people enjoyed pain and torture – it grew because people were willing to lose anything for The Love Above Everything!

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Let The Journey Begin!

BeGrace-Full y’all

God’s Grace

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