The God Journey – 4 – Where? – 1

“God Is Love” – if you want to know if a person is religious or spiritual look at the fruit! If they are producing fruit of Rest, Peace and Love – they are on a spiritual journey.

When I was religious I was anxious, concerned and motivated by fear! In fact my first anxiety attacks started when I left a Christian (religious) counseling center that I had been in for 30 days – locked down. Why was that? In the counseling center the attention was placed on working harder Not resting in Faith that my core being was completely Loved by God exactly as I am and not as I should be! Under Grace (spiritual Christianity) the emphasis is complete rest (Faith) in what Jesus finished on the cross which creates an overwhelming Love for Him and therefore for others as well – this is why the law is for lawbreakers Not Christians!

“His Grace Is Sufficient for me!”


If you want to know where

God wants you to go – look

at What God Is!