The God Journey – 3 – The individual path with Christ – 2

The path with Jesus is as varied as His children but the destination is the same – Love!

I am not you and God knows that better than all the combined wisdom of the ages of man. This is why your challenges and mine are not the same but also why the Victory Is the same!

Complete Victory was won on the cross but acceptance of this knowledge can take a lifetime of Faith building moments looking in the mirror of His Love to see Christ in you Is the Hope of Glory! That Hope while Solely based on Christ is cultivated in each individual and prayer that never ceases is the awareness of that cultivation! It’s important to remember that God Alone knows how we as individuals need pruning and your pruning is not the same as my pruning for two very distinct reasons:

1) We are working through what God has given us – not someone else!

2) By working through it we grow greater Love and Compassion and we are because of our growth points better able to help others, understand others and Be His Light of Love!

Our Journey ends

With our last breath!

Relax and Be in Him

Here and Now!