The God Journey – 2 – The individual path with Christ – 1

Jesus Is The Way! But why if all He came to do was to reinforce certain rules?

Jesus Is The Way – because He Loves you as you are, not as you should be and As His Love for you becomes more apparent to you – Everything changes! At first your position to the law changes as you are no longer under it and you become Reconciled with God so you are under Grace! Next as the awareness of what Christ finished grows, our Peace grows because we begin to understand the permanence and far reaching, limitless, Eternal Love He has for us!

What we need Desperately to understand, have compassion for and accept is this – Each and Every one of us are individual pots made by The God Who Is Love – with this in mind I don’t know what God has you going through or why – But that is Not my concern – my concern If I am like Christ is You! Be the Love and Be like Christ for others today! The journey is not easy and that is one reason why the Whole law is Fulfilled as we “Love others as He Loved us!”

Love One Another

As He Loves Us!