The God Journey – 14 – why? 3 Faith 2

When I was religious Faith was a noun. Once Grace opened up to me Faith was a verb and a noun And this changed Everything!

FaithFull Living:

1) Faith is not a checklist of right and wrong to perform, Faith is Trusting that all has been made right by Christ, Gods indescribable Gift!

2) Faith is not so much what you believe as How you believe it which is the crux of Grace and the single most important understanding to leave grin and bear it religion and move into Unconditional, Eternal and Relentless Love!

3) Faith is cultivated or grows in difficult times but it needs to be grown daily by being aware that each and every moment, event and person in your life came through Gods will!

4) Faith creates “Peace that passes understanding” as it develops and grows. This is why we grow in Faith and not in obedience to the law of Moses which will only provide temporary peace at best!

5) Faith develops as we dive into the deep end of His Ocean of Love and gain the ever growing understanding of His Love’s boundless nature which is the opposite of human love which is out for itself – in the world Not of it!

Faith Is The Key