The God Journey – 12 – why?

The greatest reason for The Journey Is The Journey! It’s in This Journey that the scenery, events and fellow travelers are All used by God in just the right balance and in just the right moments to grow us into a Great Lover!

We are all in recovery from our humanness and in one second Everything changes in the spiritual element of us which is the soul where all true, lasting and meaningful change Must happen. The reason the change Must happen here is that the soul is the Only lasting part of a Being. This is what Jesus meant when He said, “the kingdom of God is within you.” This is the change that makes “All things new!” Keep in mind that this was written, shared, spoken and taught to people who lived in constant fear of displeasing God because of the burden of the law – why is this So very important? Because the greatest trick of satan is to make you think that BElieving in Jesus is Not a soul changing event!

Religion requires your work

Relationship Gives Healing!