Like the three Peace-Full Truths before this one, most Christians will tell you they wholeheartedly agree but then by their statements and lives they obviously Don’t agree with it. It doesnt change this Peace-Full Truth – it only gives those Christians half peace or no peace at all and just a religion instead.


Consider how the wild flowers grow. They do not labor or spin. Yet I tell you, not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these.” – Luke 12:27


I have never seen a wild flower worried about doing the will of God – have you?


I have never seen a wild flower concerned about how people might interpret its first name “wild” as having some bad meaning – have you?


I have never seen a support group for wild flowers that drink too much of the rain water, worry about how they look or the oncoming winter or the dogs that pee on them – have you?


The Forth Peace-Full Truth is simple and yet complex and it is one for which I wrestle and therefor I wrestle – meaning it is a weak point in my Faith so God allows me to keep coming back to it for spiritual exercise!




While most Christians tell me they agree and say “yes, yes we all know that” – they struggle when the bills aren’t paid or their teenager tells them they are gay or when they see the days headline news – Why is that?


Like the other 3 Peace-Full Truths they are hanging onto a legalism tendency which says “they can still break the law of God” – to which I reply – how can you break a law you are no longer under?


This is the idea that you have free choice – which you do but not like you think!


Yes I have Free will and Free choice but where ever I go and whatever I do – God uses it as a lesson and a learning opportunity and God is still there and His Love never leaves me or forsakes me and Jesus is still inside me and ALL CAN BE WELL WITH MY SOUL – IFI rest in the knowledge that God is in complete control and I am no longer under the law!


Take a few days, weeks or in my case a lifetime on this meditation – the more law you were raised under the more this might be needed.


Breathe in and say:

God is in


Breathe out and say:

Complete Control


Practice this till you can rest in the knowledge that even your death is already known and planned out by The God Who Is Love and knows Exactly what you need!

4th Peace-Full Truth