The prophet Isaiah wrote about “The Suffering Servant” and the healing that He would make available to all people. “Set the captives Free” and “give sight to the blind” and many other analogies are all ways to talk about what a permanent difference the cross would make – IF people believed in what the cross accomplished – the problem is most including Christians only see a half cross and not the whole Gift!

The sun will no more be your light by day, nor will the brightness of the moon shine on you, for the LORD will be your everlasting light, and your God will be your glory.” – Isaiah 60:19

For The LORD will be your everlasting light!” – This is what happens at the second you believe – but most Christians never realize it!

The reason a person has to be All Grace is that All Grace is All Jesus – Grace + works is Grace plus self which is an endless hamster wheel of emotional and religious effort and disappointments!

Grace + which is what the vast majority of Christians live under sounds like this, “Yes we are under Grace and how wonderful it is that Jesus gives us the desire and power to obey His law!” – Problem – that isn’t scriptural!

Jesus said, “Love others as I have Loved you and in so doing fulfill All the law and the prophets.” Paul said, “You are no longer under the law you are under Grace!”

The other sound that Grace + makes is this “Yes we are under Grace BUT lets don’t use that as a license to sin” – HINT: Anytime someone adds a BUT to scripture – RUN! Scripture was not designed to add to or take away from!

If you want The LORD to be your everlasting light – Don’t lean on your own understanding but rest is His Finished cross! This is the message of Grace! This is the message of “It Is Finished”! This is the message that IS Life itself!

Believe and be saved! Believe and be cleansed! Believe and never thirst again! Believe and Stop being under the law! The cross wasn’t a half way job, He is Not you temporary Light, and Grace doesn’t need to be added to or taken away from!

The  GREAT  LEVELER  IS  JESUS and HE Finished what He came here to do!

Christ is the end of the law so that there might be righteousness for All that believe!” Romans 10:4

ALL was Finished on His cross - accept that and Life is Great!

ALL was Finished on His cross – accept that and Life is Great!