How can a person be afraid and trust God at the same time?


If “perfect love” drives out fear, what does that tell you about the giant you face?


Fear is a sign that Faith in an Unbeleivable and Unconditional Love needs to grow!


Fear is also another snare that will take your eyes off of Love and being the Lover God seeks to create in you.


For I am the Lord your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you,

Do not fear; I will help you.’ – Isaiah 41:13


Fear of any one, any group or anything is a sign that they are bigger than the God that holds your hand.


Do I fear?


On my way to growth yes I do and that is why I write this today. I realized the other night during some events that when it’s my time to die- I will die, but until it’s my time not a single being or thing on earth or in heaven can touch me.


What can separate you from the Love of God?


The law was created to be our tutor and show us our need for God. This is why If a person is a legalistic Christian instead of a GraceFull one they end up residing in the fear factory.


For years I feared death and in so doing death ruled me NOT the Love of God. For many it’s the fear of failure which law creates and again that breeds fear that just like the fear of death will take you away from His true relationship based on Christ Finished work.


A simple Anti-fear formula to grow into a fear-less state of a GraceFull Journey looks like this for me:

  1. Realize the value of the cross of Christ – took away All your sin – past, present and future!
  2. Recognize your present state once you believe in His name – no longer under the law, Reconciled, Redeemed, Justified and made wHOLeY as He is HOLY!
  3. Recognize His Strength – He Is God and Nothing can touch you unless He allows it – every moment is a lesson!
  4. Recognize and grow in an understanding of His Perfect Love that He has had for you since before the foundation of the world – this Is the Spiritual path!


Here is a meditation for you. Find a quiet time and place where you probably won’t be disturbed but if you are it was caused by God for some reason so flow with it. Take several deep breaths in and out and relax your body especially your jaw. As you do this close your eyes get a picture of God holding your hand much like a loving parent taking their child to the first day of school and do the following:


Breathe in and say:

God Almighty


Breathe out and say:

Holds my hand


Practice this several times for a few days and every time you have a spell of fear and see how that helps you.


Don’t Worry- Be Grace-Full!!