There is literally No way out with Perfect Love and Resting in this concept IS Life beyond limits like we Could never imagine otherwise.



“For God has bound everyone over to disobedience so that he may have mercy on them all.” – Romans 11:32


The whole point of religious law in the mind of the GraceFull is to make us disobedient. Why?




1) In a fallen state we seek The “Refuge”, The “Rock”, The “Firm Foundation” that we can Rest in.


2) In a fallen state we see His Love, His PERFECT LOVE and that draws us to Him.


3) In a fallen state we can sympathize with other fallen and Be His Light of PERFECT LOVE and in So doing we Are like Christ!


The problem is religion hangs onto the law thinking that now they “should” Follow this law and in so doing they:


1) Create false security and limited peace based on doing.


2) Close the doors of Gods Grace on anyone Not like them.


3) Make GOD a religion that is about morality Instead of The GOD Who Is PERFECT LOVE.


4) Create arrogance and pride based on human effort and therefore misery for all of us “underachievers!”


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