Why aren’t your prayers answered?

Growing through prayer!

This, then, is how you should pray: “‘Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” – Matthew 6:9-10

Jesus teaching us how to pray! Everyone knows it but so few follow it – why is that?

I have heard so many prayers asking God for so much and most in fact the upper sides of the high 90 percentile are not at all like the one Christ prayed here!

What I mean is simply this – pray like He prayed and your Faith will grow like a weed!

1)    Understand who you are communicating with! This is God, The Almighty One, The One who keeps everything spinning, The One who created you and knew you before the foundations of the world And set each and every moment of your life into its Perfect time and place!

2)   Ask for His will Not yours! Don’t ask for healing, ask for acceptance! Don’t ask for a change of situation ask for acceptance! Don’t ask to get out of what you face ask for acceptance!

Here is a key to growth in Grace in the spiritual walk – Accept this moment – this situation – learn from it – live in it and most importantly Thank Him for it!

Paul was praising God that he was allowed to suffer in the way that he was. Jesus once He prayed and realized that the cup couldn’t pass from Him – accepted the cruel and inhumane death and punishment that was facing Him – Why?

Because of who God is they knew that He has a plan to share His Love and shine His light through them and He has it ALL in control!

The focus of many Christians is totally skewed because of the law and their human effort to produce Devine results – as a result they see god ATM and Not God Almighty who is seeking a deeper relationship with them!

Care to start following God Almighty? It starts with 7 simple questions here:





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Array on The Fallacy of most prayer

  1. Bob, I believe it is okay to ask God for healing or anything else. What you shouldn’t do however is demand it because His will should be done, not ours. But there is nothing wrong in asking. Jesus said we should ask. Jesus too, asked the Father to take away the cup of suffering but that the Father’s will be done. If it weren’t okay to ask in the first place, then Jesus wouldn’t have asked at all. This is why there are three kinds of answers we could get from God when we ask: yes, no or wait.

    And whatever answer God chooses to give, we could also ask for the grace to accept it even if it is not pleasant at the moment simply because we trust Him with our lives. We love Him and we know that He loves us far more. He wouldn’t let us go through a tough situation if in the end it wasn’t for our benefit, His glory and an overall victory for all of us.

    Asking in itself is not wrong. You may read John 18:1-8. Jesus gave the parable of that widow to teach Christians to never give up in prayer and requests. Paul also said that in thanksgiving we should make our supplications and petitions known to God. Asking in itself is not wrong. It is refusing to accept God’s answer and will afterwards, that is.

    • Bob Hildreth says:

      Thank you for your thoughts and opinion. I would agree with you in many ways and the ways that we would disagree are not worth knowing
      anyway. I do not think its wrong to question God, doubt God or be angry at God – the spiritual journey is just that – a journey!

      Where most people get stuck is in the answers NOT the questions! I hate pat, mimicked answers that so many give me because all they
      are doing is playing the parrot for the person who runs the building they sit in on Sundays!

      This Bible study is a result of what I see and the path God has me on at this moment. It is also important to note and I hope you
      will agree that you are on a journey as well and this is your truth up to this moment – correct?

      God is not about rightness and wrongness and having all the answers – He IS Love and He is All about having a Love based relationship
      with His children.

  2. For me, mt prayers are simple. Just me talking with my Father. I don’t follow any traditions for prayer, nor any set formulas or styles for prayer. That’s just not what I believe prayer to be. I always express gratitude, acknowledge God for who He is and just simply lift up any friends in need, although I realize He already knows. And as you said I never ask for anything for myself without acknowledging it be according to His perfect will.

    • Bob Hildreth says:

      Amen brother! Thank you so much for sharing! There is no set rule or guideline for prayer – I believe its more about accepting what comes as from Him!
      Thank you again my Amazing brother for your contribution to the lives of so many through your writing!

  3. Richard L. Terry says:

    And He’s not “the man upstairs.” Another description I like similar to He keeps everything spinning, “He’s the Atomic glue of the universe.” I wholly agree He should not be approached as a cash register (ka-hang) or slot machine awaiting the big payoff. I read a rather lengthy and moving post on prayer recently by someone whose English (perhaps an overseas post) and writing weren’t so hot but who could teach me much about prayer. Among other things, he talked about prayer as “communicating” with God, coming into His presence and remaining there awhile. (My postscript not the other person’s) And unlike your Doctor, God is always “IN” (makes house calls too) Meditating on scripture is a form of prayer too, something I used to do regularly and often.

    • Bob Hildreth says:

      AMEN! Communicating, accepting and resting in Him Being in control!
      For so many Christianity is a constant juggle while riding on a unicycle
      over the Grand Canyon!
      He gives us Rest – rest in Him and His Love and Grace! If this isn’t the case
      Hell doesn’t look so bad!

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