There was once a strong and powerful man who despite his power he had focused on a spiritual path. In fact even his enemies respected him for his love and concern for others. One day his servant that he cared about got sick and he remembered this crazy, vagabond, ragamuffin carpenter who had the power to heal that he had heard about. Because he cared for his servant he sent someone to ask this healer for help even though it might ruin his life. This is what happened:

When Jesus heard this, he was amazed at him, and turning to the crowd following him, he said, “I tell you, I have not found such great faith even in Israel.” Then the men who had been sent returned to the house and found the servant well.” Luke 7:9-10

This man, this centurion was certainly no ordinary man. He had power, prestige and position But above all that he had something else that Jesus saw in what he was asking – this centurion had a compassionate and loving heart that he placed above even his position. The centurion was willing to risk everything for Love and rest in blind Faith – that is the spiritual path and the one that must be taken to follow Christ!

This man of power had heard that Jesus could heal the sick. He also loved his servant enough to risk affiliation with Christ which meant risking his reputation and position.

This is Faith! This is the kind of Faith it takes to leave everything you have been taught and spoon fed and had shoved down your throat as religious logic to roll the spiritual dice because Love becomes the Only concern you have – Even to the point of risking All your comfort and your life itself!

This centurion was no ordinary enemy of the Jews. In fact it was because of him that the Jews there had a synagogue. Based on this we know that this man was on a spiritual quest and open to helping others on their journey. We know that in short even those who hated what he stood for still liked and respected him.

Jesus saw this amazing man for who he was and what he was even though they never met. He saw the man as humble, compassionate and unconcerned about the opinions of others when it came to spiritual matters – Funny that is Exactly like Jesus! Jesus didn’t care about what others thought of Him, His friends or His compassionate and caring nature – He Only cared about Loving you like no one else ever has or will!