The man had a simple realization but a life altering one none the less. He suddenly realized that for his whole life up to this point he had thought only of himself, his desires and his own gain. Now suddenly he was dying. He turned and stated his understanding and asked a different sort of man next to him to remember him:

Jesus answered him, Truly I tell you, today you will be with me in paradise.” – Luke 23:43

Of all the things Jesus Never said this one is the greatest – Jesus Never said, “Come to me and make changes” and yet that is the typical gospel preached today. He said, “Come to me and Rest” and He said “Come to me and Love one another” But He never once said “come to me and try your best to measure up to some religious ideology of what you think I want and obey all the law and follow all the rules!”

Why is that?

In simple terms Jesus knew that He was and Is the fulfillment of the law! This means that once you accept Him and see Him for Who He Is – the law has been met in you!

Jesus said, “If you Love me obey MY Commandments” But His command was simple – “Love others as I have Loved you and in so doing fulfill ALL the law and the prophets!”

This is where religion gets as far away from Jesus as night is from day!

The difference between religion and Relationship can be summed up in one word, Grace or here is another great sum up word, Freedom! You are no longer under the law because the law causes you to be inwardly focused – Grace causes you to be Upwardly focused with the understanding that He did everything, you did nothing and we are All equally dirty so Now – go and Love!