Why will most church people go to hell?

Who struggles the most with Grace?

Why are church people at times left out of the kingdom of God?

Indeed, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.” – Luke 18:25

Anything that you lean on other than God will destroy your spiritual journey! Anything that you do, believe or hold onto can and will become dependence!

This could be works, money, religious effort and doings, drugs, image, power, material things and the most insidious of all ritual!

Many people and myself included in my younger days went to church and activities and then left with the assurance that somehow we had done our duty and now God was somehow smiling down on us. Nothing could be more damming to the Spirit of Grace and the movement of God in the soul of a human being!

For some reason we think satan or the devil is this being with horns that wants to make us curse or steal or break one of the other top 10 biggies.

But here is a secret to consider satan only wants you to think you are ok with God- that is all he has to convince you of to make you fall to sleep spiritually.

Satan wants you nice and comfortable and dependent on what you have done, are doing and have in your comfortable little life right now.

Care for an adventure? Care to question your comfort zone? Do you really want to wake up and smell the spirituality of the Love and Grace of God?

For the next few weeks before you do anything else and just before you go to bed find a quiet place and time and take several deep breathes to just relax. Once you are a bit more relaxed just breathe normally and:

Breathe in and say to yourself or out loud:


Breathe out and say to yourself or out loud:

Be my everything!

Practice like this and question everything in your life! For God is not afraid of questions but I am pretty sure it stupidity ticks Him right off!


Rest in Faith alone! This is Grace!

Rest in Faith alone! This is Grace!