As with anything else in life we can make a choice in The Devine we believe in or dont believe in. 

As with Any other idea or belief we can find grounds to support our belief and put down others who disagree.

My question to you today is are you stubbornly holding onto spiritually suicidal ideas about The Devine?

How can we tell a “spiritually suicidal idea” from healthy Spirituality?

1) Does the idea create greater Peace for and between me and others?
The only group Jesus presented no Peace for was the religious leaders who offered only conditional peace based on works.

2) Does the idea grow greater Compassion for others?
We were never called to judge and evaluate the “worthiness” of others … only to love them like Christ Loved us … He Loves us to death and beyond.

3) Does the idea ease the burden of another and make it so they sense His Love?
We were not called to care for just those who agree with us … the “Good Samaritan” was actually hated by the group the man he helped represented.

4) Does the idea shine Love through you, produce Hope for all and grow you in a sense of unity with all?
If we are not growing in an ever deepening sense of The Love God has for us and our ability to give that Love to All … then we are nothing more than a religious noise maker and Grace means little more than a catch phrase for a book or sermon.

Would you like to see a way to see The Devine and Heal yourself and others? If so please click the link below: