Why Being trumps doing?

What didn’t Jesus talk about?

Please read Matthew 5:3

Vs.3 “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”

It is important to note that at the most important moments in Jesus life and ministry He says very little about keeping the law! Why is that?

If you look in The Beatitudes it gives a very big hint- BE! “Are” is a being verb and being verbs don’t come from “doing” but instead they come from “Being!”

In fact I find in very interesting that the very first “Beatitude” is about Being Humble! Why? Because the law and keeping it makes you the exact opposite of humble!

If anything the more or better you obey the law the more arrogant and prideful you become!

Don’t you find it more than just a little bit interesting that Jesus never once sat His disciples down and said obey all the laws and keep them rigidly for this is the way to God?

What else didn’t Jesus say?

He never talked about or mentioned homosexuality – not even once did He mention it and yet many churches have made it sin #1 on their hit parade – why is that?

In a nutshell it’s because Grace – God’s Grace, true Grace isn’t being taught!

Instead what we get is an organization that was started, is built and based on growing itself and trying to tell others how to act like them – which in many cases is anti-Christ!

Christ was All about Love and Humbleness! Christ was a homeless man who didn’t care a squat about anything but Loving You!

That’s what He said, did and proved with His every breath and that is what His final act as a human on the cross showed all eternity and the world!

Let’s get back to the message of Jesus!

I don’t care about your politics, sexuality, denomination, religion or any other divisive  element that could become a stumbling block between you and me.

I care about Being and sharing Love!

I am no better or worse than anyone else on this planet nor are you.

Jesus came, lived, suffered and died for All and All are in the same category of need for His unending Love!

Care to know more about this kind of Grace?


Don’t worry-BeGraceFull.com!!

His Grace is sufficient - and nothing else is even a close second!

His Grace is sufficient – and nothing else is even a close second!