The idea that God Is Unlimited heaps Goodness on God, opens me up to God communicating with me through All my senses And creates The Perfect Peace of an Unbounded, Unbridled, Uncompromising and Unconditional Relentless Love from Above That knows no end!


Whenever you enter a house, stay there until you leave that town. And if any place will not welcome you or listen to you, leave that place and shake the dust off your feet as a testimony against them.” Mark 6:10-11


Many and in fact most will not see His Goodness – even those and especially those who are the “closest” to seeing Him because they can’t listen and see HIS LOVE and HIS GOODNESS as described above in the opening statement of this devotional.


For us to see Gods Love as something less cheapens it and more importantly the cross upon which Jesus Christ died because of His Great Godly Love for you! With this Love cheapened to that of an earth like human love of give to get or mere prostitution of The Divine God of Love – is it any wonder that most drop any real zeal for anything other than an occasional emotional high and punching the religious time clock like any other mundane procedure in their existence? The lukewarm discussed in Revelations were not those that followed some laws and disregarded others – they were the ones that lacked Faith and thereby disregarded the very nature and Love of God!


Seeing the reality of God and the very fiber and nature of His Being as Love that is beyond human capacity to ever fully understand – this understand is crucial to The Fruits of The Spirit being manifested in a person! This understanding of a Love beyond the borders of our efforts and doings or undoing’s is critical to a person being able to drop any and all mask before the Father! The idea of His Love being higher than our wildest dreams and deeper than the deepest sea and beyond the human ability to Fathom a superlative to describe – Is in fact the key component to grow in Grace, to understand the riches of His Grace and to therefore Be Genuinely In Christ Here and Now!


In short grasping His Love as beyond our grasp due to our shortcomings or his limitations and inability or unwillingness to forgive us will create in our minds a vindictive god of our own self-imposed god in a box thought process that is the starting point of depression, anxiety, shame, condemnation and despair – in other words a living Hell!

On the other hand to grasp God and His Love for you as beyond your grasp due to The Infinite and Unconditional nature of it – to see in His Love The Goodness that is beyond human ability to make sense of or describe due to its Unbounded nature and to Open others up to His Love Being in fact “Perfect Love that drives out ALL fear” – this creates a life of Peace that Passes ALL understanding, Gratitude that Freely Praises with every step and Fruits of The Spirit from you that make a whole orchard blush!


The Fruits of The Spirit are Not something to be worked toward, they grow naturally as a believer grows in an understanding of their Freedom, how it was Finished and Won by The One and Only Son of The God Who Loves you beyond your ability to understand!