There is a win that is common in several religions but the path to this win makes True Grace-Full Christianity Very different! The challenge in the Christianity of today is that it has become in many ways a religion and THE BIG WIN -2 begins to dissect the Relationship it can be and the Very different path to the common win talked about in other religions but unattainable for most!



These were his instructions: “Take nothing for the journey except a staff—no bread, no bag, no money in your belts. Wear sandals but not an extra shirt.” Mark 6:7-8



Being in this present moment Here and Now in perfect peace with all that is around you seems like a pipe dream in the modern world, a nearly unattainable state in various world religions But THE BIG WIN for Christians is it is a Freely available gift already paid in Full waiting for ALL who Believe!



In the Christian tradition or idea, the ideal reality is a Relationship that one accepts and it is Freely offered but few rarely Truly accept it, understand it and live in the light of it because it seems too good to be true!



In every other world religion with this state of Be Here Now – the state requires effort, inner searching and denial of pretty much everything in life – with Grace-Full Christianity – Faith is ALL you need to accept this Free gift!



This is how Faith moves the mountain between you and God IF you accept what Christ did:


1. Your past has been COMPLETELY Forgiven! There is no more sin in your past because at the very second you Believed in Christ ALL was Forgiven as you accepted what He did on the cross as Payment in Full!


2. Your future is COMPLETELY secure and in the hands of The God Who Loved you before anyone knew you would ever exist, Loves you right Here and Now and you can Never be separated from that Eternal and Unconditional Love!

3. Your present is Free from the law as that is what separated you from God because the law IS the power of sin! This is where many Christians lose the state of Be Here Now because religion doesn’t teach this Only Relationship taught by Jesus, Paul, John, Peter and others brings this to light – for more on this you can visit and do the “777 Challenge” starting at day 1 or go to and take the whole study at your own pace!



So why do so many Christians reject this Free Gift and the understanding that could create such a Peace-Full life?



Keep following “THE BIG WIN” and for that but in short it is important to understand that most don’t get Grace because His Great Love for us is literally out of this world, in each moment of Christ-like wakefulness and was best be seen when it hung on a cross 2000 years ago! See you in “THE BIG WIN – 3”


Faith over mountain