I have only found The Wholeness of incompleteness in CHRIST Alone!

When I was under the law in the pseudo-Christian life, I thought my incompleteness was from not “doing more” and I needed to “do better” for God to bless me and give me more ability to “overcome” – this was a painful and religious existence And it was Not Abundant Life!
Abundant Life only Began with three growing Steps of understanding:
1) I was no longer under the law because CHRIST Alone fulfilled it and He is Now and forever more living in me!
2) Faith in Christ Alone meant Resting in the understanding from #1 – He Is The Truth that set me Free indeed!
3) The greater my understanding of #1 and #2 the Greater i understood His Great Love for me to Be in each and every moment of my life!
My journey started like many out of sheer desperation, depression and a dead end caused in part or in whole from a very religious upbringing. Once I answered the questions on the like below Everything began to become clearer and Abundant Life began!

Let The Journey Begin!


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