To be a stranger to self hatred leave the past IN the past. The challenge that people face with Now is Being Here. This was, is and always will be the first lesson of Perfect Love – The Back Flip.


“There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.” … 1 John 4:18


Jesus was an absolute stranger to self hatred, but Not for the reasons that most want you to think. Most people want you to think that Jesus never broke the law and that is how He was “Perfect” and “unblemished” – but the Bible paints a very different picture. Jesus broke the law on several occasions. The law Never made anyone righteous – Only Faith does – And Jesus Never broke Faith!

To Keep the Faith starts by returning repeatedly to the understanding that All our “sin” is gone – past forgiven, present Not under the law and future secured as we have been “Reconciled” (reconnected) (past tense) with God. Yes! Gods Love is that BIG and Bigger – But the voice of the evil one wants you to think otherwise – this is where “fear” comes in. To “keep the Faith” then is a continual exercise of “The Back Flip” Dive into Love beyond human comprehension.


How to do a Back Flip Dive into Perfect Love:


  1. The Approach – Understand that we have done some unloving things and that there have been times that we were and are terrible to ourselves and others. See our flaws and be open and honest about them – to God, ourselves and a brother or sister that you can trust. This is coming to the edge of the high board.
  2. The Execution – After telling God of our weakness – get a visual image of Him picking you up, wrapping you up in his eternal and everlasting armband holding you. Stay in that embrace as long as you need to – close your eyes and just Be in that embrace, inhale and say: “God Loves me” – exhale and say: “just as I am”
  3. The Splash – Rest, Play and Trust and Keep Resting and Playing and Trusting that ALL has been forgiven. Focus on Loving others and caring for others, Find ways to bring this understanding to others and Rest in the Peace it gives you. Be yourself and Know that “His Grace Is Sufficient” and you are Exactly who and what He made you to be.


One way you can grow in this awareness and help other to do the same is by clicking the link below and sharing a simple Bible study about Grace. Please feel free to share:


Let The Journey Begin!