The 3rd BE…lieve

“Gods Love for me and each being on this planet is so intense that He, A Devine Being, Actually sent His Only Son to make All things New and Good between He and each of us.”

“All Things New” refers to the law as well as Everything else. One of the most dangerous myths to Grace is the myth that Christ changes all our desires as soon as we accept Him. While He may change some desires the Miracle of Grace is Not Him changing our desires But our Position.

Before Christ died on the cross the law was in place and it was doing then exactly what it does now … reminding people of sin, giving condemnation and creating shame and levels of goodness. The law was and is a constant reminder of everything bad about man and that creates a huge gap between man and The One Who created him, God. People under the law could never and will never be truely connected with God and even worse they will create shame and condemnation for others.

When a person accepts what Christ finished on the cross as the Complete and Finished work for thier connection to God some Amazing things happen:

1) “All fear is gone” because All my distance from God was erased … Growing to rest in this creates Amazing Peace.

2) “Born Again” “New creation” not born of flesh but of Spirit … Growing to rest in this creates Amazing Gratitude.

3) “All things are lawful” because God Desperatly wants His creations to enjoy the life He has given them … Growing to rest in this creates Amazing Love and Freedom for us and others.