Do you need a spiritual vacation?


Are you feeling run down spiritually?


Ever feel weak and trampled down?


I know I have and most of those times it was on days when I didnt meditate first thing in the morning. My wife will be the first to tell you she can tell the kind of movie I watched or the friend I was with by my attitude when I get home. It is times like this when I know I need to “realign myself.”


This realignment isnt something new and it isnt something weird where I have to sit in a tipi and sweat out for days. A realignment is simply a renewing of the mind and a reminder that I need to take up my cross daily.”


When Jesus said, take up your cross daily I look at that as an intensely personal command. My cross is not your cross and it never will be. Even if we walk down part of the road together in this journey to be like Him we will carry different crosses, our own each an individual.


Could it be that my cross symbolizes the growth Christ knows I need in my life?


Could it be that one reason Christ said, judge not lest you be judged is that each cross is unique like the soul that carries them?


I may be wrong but I see the cross as that through which I learn to Love more fully and the thing that I learn from. After all didnt we all learn and grow from the cross of Christ?


Yes take up that cross and yes renew your mind through some of the meditations I have posted on this blog plus your own as that is the path to Love and Learn and Grow to a more Christ like Lover.


Suggestions for taking up your cross and renewing your mind:


1) Intake affects output– I am not legalistic about this but I have seen that violent movies affect my spirit. For me this is part of renewing my mind.


2) Meditate– Not to sound like a broken record, but breathing in and breathing out and focusing on scripture while I do it with a mental picture of Jesus Loving and Giving- doing this in the morning, perhaps during lunch or a short bathroom break and then again as I close my eyes makes a huge renewing possible.


3) Keep a “Love Journal” if possible of your path and what God is showing you. I have found that if I go back and read it from time to time I can see the ways God has worked and I have a HUGE SMILE from God as a blessing- that is one blessing between you and God that is priceless.


Dont worry-


Its not based on your doing- Its all about His did!