The Spiritual Diet … rotten in, rotten Out


In “The Spiritual Diet … 1” we looked at the religious and what feeds their minds. In the episode I want to look at what comes from Spiritual Diet like that of the religious and thier kind.


From what I have seen from 20+ years of wondering this planet the following observations hold relativily true anytime a religion neglects Spiritual for religious … but then I have never seen Grace like I teach it in any other religious literature except The Bible.


“When the Pharisees saw this, they asked his disciples, “Why does your teacher eat with tax collectors and sinners?” … Matthew 9:11


You will understand why Grace as I explain it is All So VERY important if you go to the link at the bottom of this article but for now lets look at the byproduct or what comes out as excrement when a Spiritual Diet is substituted by a religious one.


1) Hierarchy of group imposed goodness … goodness is seen based on the laws or rules of the group you are in and Not Faith in Christ ALONE.


2) Separation from “foreigners” or “others” … this is what creates fear and the hatred we see today from different religious groups and even within the same religion but different denominations or sects.


3) Defending the “faith” ensues … the road to war within ourselves and with “others” starts by thinking of Faith as something you believe Instead of the Way you Believe.


4) Stuckology becomes the norm and MORE becomes the “god” … this is where “by Grace through Faith” and “Perfect Love” become the Difference between religion (including Christianity) and Relationship.


This is why 58% of people leave Christianity before the age of 28 and why when I see religious Christians support fear based exclusionary political platforms … I can say, “yes Perfect Love is Not in that place.”


Here is a link to a way to see a True Relationship with Perfect Love:


Let The Journey Begin!


All the best on The Journey, if you choose to make it.