My Messiah? – 8 Shut Up!


Why did it matter that Jesus “did not open His mouth?
Yes I know the party line, “it was prophecy” and all that by I believe by Faith that God Never waste our pain and suffering so why was this passage below so important?
He was oppressed and afflicted,yet he did not open his mouth;he was led like a lamb to the slaughter,and as a sheep before its shearers is silent,so he did not open his mouth.” – Isaiah 53:7
Jesus knew that All Righteousness is by Faith Alone and so in this prophecy made all too real in the painful night of His trial Jesus kept His mouth shut because He was made perfect by FaithFully resting in 2 words, GOD IS…..
Every moment, Every person, Every breeze – ALL is, are, was, were and ALWAYS will be in His Control! Chances are great I won’t understand it at the time and possibly never But GOD IS IN CONTROL – Rest!


There has Never been nor will there ever be a single nanosecond where God was not or has not been Faithful – keep in mind His Love for us at times looks like human pain But GOD IS FAITHFUL – Rest!


The Love from Above IS WHO HE IS! His Love is Not like our Love and that’s why at times it looks like human pain. His Love for us is beyond our ability to perceive or imagine and the more I pour myself into this idea, understanding and dive in the deep end of His Love – the Greater my love for Him and others grow! GOD IS LOVE – Rest In Him!


Many people are under the misconception that “law” made Jesus perfect – it didn’t – He broke it! FAITH made Jesus perfect and its the Only source of Righteousness for Jesus as well as you and me!