Where is Perfect Love?

The kingdom of The Divine is inside us – and it’s a lifelong journey to get there.

Perfect Love is Here and Now, Freely available to all seek The Divine Who is Love beyond human comprehension … but you have to seek no matter where it takes you to in the depths of your soul.

In order to find Perfect Love we have to seek it with all our heart, why?

  1. Perfect Love desires each of us to realize that This Love knows No bounds – but we often have boundaries in our soul that must be healed – let Loves light shine inside you.
  2. Perfect Love desires each of us to rest in the Peace and security that can only come from This Love – but to do that we have to face the insecurities that for many of us are generational – let Loves light shine inside you.
  3. Perfect Love desires each of us to love each other with complete equanimity and acceptance – but for this to happen we have to honestly face the stereotypes, prejudices and evaluators that are hardwired within – let Loves light shine inside you.

It is only in searching ourselves by letting Loves light shine on the darkest parts of us that we can ever hope to help heal the pain and suffering of others – Let Loves Light shine inside each of us and heal us with the Faith that Perfect Love is our Hope.

“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” … Matthew 6:33

Outside or inside?

Poverty or Love?

The Beauty of Loves Gift


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