The challenge that most face with Gods Grace is that it doesn’t fit into their religious box or what human common sense says is possible or even probable!


“With God All things are possible!”


God Is Unlimited! If He is not we would no longer see Him as God! To say that God never told anyone to break the law delivered through Moses is to tell me you haven’t read your Bible. Abraham sacrifice your son, children of Israel kill All the people in a particular town and Jesus My Son go and die for our enemies, all these come to mind as moments when God said “do” something that not only made no human sense but also broke laws!


While Gods kingdom is inside you and while Gods kingdom is Not built on legal obedience – religion is external and Is built on legal obedience – some more strict than other but all about legal obedience!


Gods kingdom inside you is built on His Great Love for you seen through His Grace that He freely provides in abundance And in the Sacrifice of Jesus on the cross! Religion teaches the cross only goes so far, Grace teaches that the cross of Christ and the stripes on His back healed you – COMPLETELY!

Because All you need
“Is Finished”