If we let go of the limited god we think exist – The God beyond human comprehension will blow our mind!


For a person to assume that they have God figured out and He is Only like they think He is – is not only arrogance but also absolute ignorance! Yet this idea is what spawns denominations, fights, wars and countless atrocities and is still practiced all over the world! This is why Jesus said “do not judge” this is why we are asked, “who are you to judge another mans servant?”


Let God Be God and not god and our life takes a remarkable upswing in a multitude of ways!

First and perhaps most important we can focus on True, nonjudgmental Love for others without thinking your mission is to change them!

Secondly we can learn that, “I don’t know” is a Very spiritual answer and its perfectly OK to say – walking by Faith is simply saying, “I don’t know, I just Trust what I cant see!

Third it allows people to see Jesus in us – Jesus was All about Love!

Fourth it allows us to be open to the Ever expanding Power, Presence and Mystery of Who God Is!

God doesn’t need know it alls, but He is Rather desperate for Love Them Alls!