ALL Righteousness Must come from that which has Already been done! 

WARNING!!! When you get the above statement strange things will happen! 

You will have Peace in the midst of lives challenges as you will see them as growth opportunities! 

You will start to Love people you previously thought were “sinners” or unlovable because you will see them in the same way you see yourself! 

You will not care about others opinions of you as you will know He Loves you and nothing else matters! 

You will cease to be concerned about the future as you will know Him Who holds it!

You will no longer see your past mistakes as mistakes as He allowed them to grow you into who you are in this present moment!

You will see things you have never seen, hear things you have never heard and in short His Superpower will flow through you!

Care to know more about how to start on this path?

My Journey into Grace through the Sea of His Love started with 7 simple questions and scripture. Please see the link below, read the content there, answer the questions there, pass it around, translate it into your mother tongue, share it and spread it to the four corners of the earth if you like but PLEASE don’t miss this Journey! 

Let The Journey Begin!

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