Looking right is NOT Being right!

Woe to you when everyone speaks well of you, for that is how their ancestors treated the false prophets.” – Luke 6:26

If you have to look like everyone else who sits around you – you are Not being the pot God made you to be!

Yes I know this is a bold statement but if you have to be like all those around you – how will you ever find the purpose for the vessel that God made you to be?


This is the most difficult type of cause for Christian depression because it assumes that Christ wants cookie cutter molds and it you don’t fit that mold – well try harder because everyone knows that you have to be better, do better and stop being this way and that way for God to smile on you!


I have one word for the person that pushes this camel crap – satanic!


Yes well I have never been known for subtlety – and while I am on it the most difficult people for me to Love are the most legalistic! Why? I can point to three graves and a near forth because of legalism!


So here it is – it’s Not what any person thinks of you that counts – its what God knows about you and that is everything!

Does that just blow your mind? It sure does me because I suck! I am a porn addict that at times curses like a sailor, can drink beer like a fish and has a strong desire to Love those who are most despised by the pew sitters!


All that to say the only opinion that I care about is the one held by The One who Loves me as I am Not as I should be!


What can be done about Christian depression and religious hazing?

What is God’s pill for spiritual based depression?


Starting tomorrow I will be a series of articles on God’s answer for spiritual depression.



Rest! Trust and for God's sake Rest in what He has already done!

Rest! Trust and for God’s sake Rest in what He has already done!

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Array on Religious hazing – Christian depression (Part 3)

  1. Cindy says:

    Your very good about teaching against legalism. I hope people are listening and learning from your lessons.

    • Bob Hildreth says:

      Thank you sister! Legalism killed several friends of mine and almost killed me as well.
      My hope is that God would let me speak more about it and perhaps start a church but whatever His plan is I know it will be a learning, joy-filled experience.
      I hope the seeds are being planted as well and I am sure they are – one growth point for me has been to rest in the knowledge that He is the gardner and I just throw the seeds and rest in Him. As of today because of the internet and my own travels people in over 30 countries have read these simple studies so I feel very blessed to share His Grace in this way.
      I appreciate your support and prayer sister! Love you!

  2. Michelle Yee says:

    Bob! I appreciate your honesty and transparency! I have to agree with you on the trying harder part, I lot of us fall into that trap. Personally for myself, I kept failing at work and at my studies, so I thought I just had to work harder to be successful… Guess I was work, the more and harder I tried to get it right, the more I get it wrong and make more mistake.. I suffered depression for about 2 years, my cause was due to the pressure and the daily stresses I was facing in life. I couldn’t talk to my parents, I couldn’t talk to anyone except my church family and I was too weak to pray. I had a hard time getting over myself and my depression due the multiple setbacks and failures I face consistently… It was my church’s members continuous prayer and talking to me and teaching me about my Identity in Christ, that I finally overcame my depression…

    • Bob Hildreth says:

      Thank you for sharing sister!
      It was a blessing to read your testimony and story of your battle! Yes it is the connection between what Jesus did for us and what that creates in us that heales us beyond what we ever thought possible!
      Thank you again for your encouragement, honesty and courage to Be Here Now in Christ!

  3. This is fascinating to read and know that others are afflicted with my same type of depression. I’m a stuffer, I stuff things inside until the Holy Spirit throws bricks my way and I begin to hear him. Then I find idols, anger, sin, bitterness, all sorts of evil from stuffing things inside, I am not a depository of trash, I am a child of God. So I am learning to hear the Holy Spirit sooner and then ask God how this next event looks to Him and moving with him in my sanctity womb.
    Blessings on your journeys. Marsha

    • Bob Hildreth says:

      Thank you Marsha,
      I appreciate you sharing as I am sure amny others do as well. One thing we really need to do is share more openly these types of things that go on in us. So many people are hurting and as I wrote about before many of our spiritual wounds are self inflicted!
      If people like you and I begin to share these types of things others can see it and healing can begin for them as well.

      Thank you again for your openness and sharing,


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