Religious Giants/spiritual infants – 4

Years ago while passing through the southern United States a man at a stop light came up to my truck window and handed me a paper saying “God is on our side brother, come to our meeting!” Funny how the KKK, Nazi party and The Grand Inquisitor all had this one thing in common – the followed the sound bite gospel!

As they were coming down the mountain, Jesus gave them orders not to tell anyone what they had seen until the Son of Man had risen from the dead. They kept the matter to themselves, discussing what “rising from the dead” meant.” – Mark 9:9-10

There is a danger – a very real danger in looking at part of a message and not the whole! The culmination of the message of Christ was in the drops of blood rolling off the cross! The whole of the message of Christ was, is and always will be about The Love that defies all human reasoning and common sense!

The #1 reason why people stay spiritually stunted and retarded is the human desire to hold onto proof of holiness by hanging onto the law! The #2 reason and the way to hang onto the law is by following the sound bite gospel!

To follow the sound bite gospel is easy to IF you don’t read a passage in its entirety and IF you discount certain passages and IF you say that the death of Jesus was only for your past – not your present or future unless you perform a certain way! But then if you read what I just wrote you will see that followers of the sound bit gospel never realized the new creation they became at the moment they accepted Christ!

The reason a Being can stand on Grace Alone – The reason His Grace IS Sufficient – The reason that Christ finished ALL that needed to be done is because God’s Love Really is Greater than you can imagine or conceive – Get this and spiritual infancy will change overnight – Get this and you walk in a Light you never knew existed – Get this and you can stop being a ship without an anchor tossed about by emotional highs and lows thinking that they are what God’s Love is all about!

Once you have accepted Christ – let Him accept you – not as you should be but just as you are because that is what His Love is ALL about!


The sound bite gospel!