What we are under defines us. If we are under law we are defined by mistakes and fear. If we are under Love we are defined by “The Gift beyond compare”, “His Grace is sufficient for me” and “His Love that endures forever.” One way creates misery and fear, the other creates “Peace that passes all understanding” and “drives out all fear.”


The challenge is that most Christians say, “I am no longer under the law” but they live, act and judge people as if just the opposite were true. This is why the church is less and less important in society and why more and more people are leaving it. The church isn’t teaching the Gospel of Christ but instead it is teaching the rule book of religion based on the denomination the people are in.


Would you like to see another way? Would you like to see The Way – Not to a church or religious group – but The Way of Love beyond your wildest imagination? Please click the words below:


The Way of Peace is found in The Way of LOVE!