One of the root problems with religion is that it creates “group think for group rightness” – this is the state of being in the “right” group or “the one group” that really has it all together while the others – well they just don’t get it.

The problem here outside of it being divisive and delusional is that it removes UNCONDITIONAL LOVE from Being The Rock to which we are all seeking shelter. Instead of looking to Eternal Love as our safe harbor we look to our group and know that is we “do the right thing” and “Look like they do” we will be accepted and with the “in” group. The voices to this sound like this:


The religious – “well we have the right verses and the right way, we are all good and we must try to convince others of how right we are because we love them and we know whats right, we have to act like the others in our group and encourage them in our group ways so we can grow and be stronger and if anyone makes a mistake well thats why there is grace but our group will see them as weak”


GraceFull – “We are all brothers and sisters and we All need Love thats out of this world!” “His Love is For All For Ever and none are excluded!” “Love Wins”


“On the last and greatest day of the festival, Jesus stood and said in a loud voice, “Let anyone who is thirsty come to me and drink.” … John 7:37

Jesus said the above statement on “the last and greatest day of the festival” – why? By this time everyone had been drinking and eating for days – so why? Why did Jesus invite all the weary and those with a heavy burden to lay it down? If you want to see Jesus in a different way then the one the religious push click on these words.