I was never able to fully relax under the law and as I watch loved ones die from a life on non-relaxation I fully understand why. If Gods plan is to stress His beloved people out with grief and forcing them to try even though He knows they will fail – then I have to question anyone’s logic with wanting to spend eternity with a god that would set you up for failure just to see you squirm like a worm on an eternal hook of pain!


I will remember the deeds of the LORD; yes, I will remember your miracles of long ago. I will consider all your works and meditate on all your mighty deeds.” – Psalm 77:11-12


God Loves failures and the law was created to make you fail miserably! For a detailed study of this check out “Let The Journey Begin” But why?


Because of one simple word the single most beautiful word in all history and in all the earth – Jesus! Through whom and by whom All can be saved By Grace through Faith! Once you by Faith receive Him – you leave the fish hook of eternal pain, the hamster wheel of effort which is the law with its ridiculously high requirements that no one could ever fill past, present or future!


As long as your focus is your deeds you will never relax in the Lord, truly Praise the Lord or be able to fully Thank the Lord for All He has done!


Most Christians while they say the word Grace and they know the concept of not being under the law but being under Grace have absolutely NO idea what that means. For them “know the Truth and the Truth shall set you Free” means little if anything! I know because as a child I used to wonder what all this talk of Freedom was when people everywhere seemed to be carrying around anchors lashed to their necks, dragging behind them and being totally unable to celebrate His Freedom!


As long as you are under the law, your focus will be your deeds NOT His! As long as you are under the law your ability to relax in Him will Never be realized! As long as you are under the law your past will haunt you, your present will be like walking on broken glass much of the time and your future will be an insecure what if scenario that makes Gods Love look like a human knock off that comes and goes with whatever He had for lunch and you had for breakfast!


Once you get that the power of the cross, that His mighty deeds and that His Love for you: Reconciled you Completely, Sanctified you Completely, Justified you Completely, made you Holy as He is Holy and an eternal “friend” of God no matter what circumstances life throws at you – you get Grace!


Grace is the tipping point to seeing His Wondrous deeds, His Amazing ability, His Power throughout All creation and within you And His Amazing and Great Love for you – without seeing this Love you are nothing more than a clanging religious cymbal full of pious hot air talking about something you have a head full of knowledge about and you live in a comfort zone of your own religious accomplishments hoping that they make a difference!




Whose deeds